When we receive the paperwork from the cruise line (around a month before departure) we will post it out to you. Please check these carefully ensuring that all your details and excursions are correct and contact us if you have any concerns.

On arrival in Tromso

When we arrive in Tromso we will transfer from the airport to the ship which will take about 20 minutes. At this point we will have to queue at the ship to board and get our cabins. Sometimes we have to wait on the dock to board the ship and this can be very cold so please make sure you have your hat, gloves, winter coat and maybe over trousers in your hand luggage so you can get to them easily. In short make sure you can wrap up warm.

When you get on the ship you will be given the key card for your inside or outside cabin. You will be allocated the type of cabin you have booked but we have no influence over which particular cabin you are given as they are allocated randomly. It is a good idea to keep your key card on you at all times as you need it when you get on and off the ship, to enter the restaurant or to add purchased items/drinks to your room.


There is little opportunity for you to change currency during the trip and the ship does not offer an exchange service. You can use your credit card on board the ship and in the hotel but it is useful to have some currency as well. (Norwegian Krone/ NOK)

Ice Grips

These are essential for this trip & can be purchased on Amazon. Don't be tempted to buy very cheap versions as the plastic is sometimes brittle in the cold temperatures and can split. We strongly advise you to wear your ice grips whenever you leave the ship.

Dress code

Dress code on board the ship is informal, so casual and comfortable indoor clothing. We would recommend a layered approach to your dress to help you regulate your temperature when moving from the inside to the outside of the vessel. Windproof and water proof jacket and over trousers and good quality hat and gloves are required - mittens will keep your hands warmer as the heat is generated and shared by all your fingers. Some people do wear heads bands but we recommend you stick to a good winter hat. A thermal base layer will also really help keep you warm. Especially those of you doing the Chase the Lights excursion. Remember we have purposely chosen to go when it is cold so we don’t get rain and clouds in the sky. When you look at the weather forecast remember you will be on a ship around the coast and in Tromsø you also have a coastal weather system so the temperature won’t always reflect the effect that the wind speed has on how cold it actually feels. But never fear there is always somewhere inside to retreat for a nice warm hot chocolate and it tastes really good when you’re a bit cold!


We will all be seated together for dinner so please look out for our group seating. There are no individually allocated seats so it is a great opportunity to move around and meet your fellow members.

Don’t forget!...

camera, memory cards, chargers, adaptors or converters, spare batteries, etc. We will have ours with us and we will be taking plenty of pictures and videos of the trip and of you. These are sometimes used in marketing and promotional materials for The Big Journey Company and Diamond Resorts International so if you do not want any pictures taken of you then please let your Tour Director know and they will of course honour your wishes.

Internet connection

There is one available – but don’t rely on it as the quality of service can be variable.

Towel Tip!

As this is more like an expedition ship the air conditioning system in the cabins can make you very dry. At night wet a towel and hang it up in your cabin. In the morning the towel will be dry and not you.

For more information on ‘what to pack’ you can look at Sohrab’s advice video here

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